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Appropriate application methods of abamectin

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Abamectin is a kind of new type insecticide that has high efficiency, low toxicity, high safety and wide insect-resistant spectrum. It can interfere the nervous physiology activity of insects and mainly act on the joint between nerves and muscles as well as increase the release of chloride ion and inhibit the message passing of neuromuscular junction, thus the parasite will become paralyzed, cannot move or feed and will die eventually.

The selection of dosage form

The commonly used dosage forms of abamectin miticide mainly include powder, injection and tablet. However, injection will cause higher anaphylaxis and poisoning than powder and tablet. Therefore, powder and tablet are generally used in preventing the insects.

Disinsectization of newly introduced livestock

Regarding the newly introduced livestock, repel the insect one time after they have rested for about one week and have restored the physical strength. Besides, repel the insects again after 10 days, thus the livestock will become gregarious.

Disinsectization of first mating dam

Repel the insects 1 time on the first mating dam 25 days before breeding and repel the insect again 15 days before breeding.

Disinsectization of pregnant dam

Under general conditions, do not repel insects on the pregnant dam. However, if the parasite infestation is serious, repel the insects one time 30 days before parturition by using tablet or powder, besides, the dosage of abamectin insecticide should be 2/3 of normal ones.

Disinsectization of stud

The disinsectization of stud depends on the breeding and body condition. In principle, we usually repel the insects twice every year and will do it again after 10 days.

Disinsectization of breeding livestock

Repel the insects of breeding livestock one time every half year and do it again after 10 days. Do not repel the insect one month before selling.

Disinsectization of young livestock

As the resistance function of young livestock that has not weaned is still incomplete, it will be easy to have stress reaction and anaphylactic reaction. Therefore, it is very important to well repel the insect of dam before antepartum, thus the young stock will be protected in a short time in the weaning period; if the disinsectization is necessary under special conditions, choose protective disinsectization as well as the dosage should be controlled strictly according to the instructions. Tablet and powder will be the most appropriate dosage forms, besides, repel the insects on the young livestock 10 days after weaning period.

Disinsectization of herd

Repel the insects of herd twice in one year, which can be carried out at the first time in early spring (Feb.-Mar.) and repel it again after 10 days so as to avoid the “spring climax” of larva, besides, it can be carried out second time in Autumn (Aug.-Sept.) and repel it again after 10 days, thus it can not only prevent the “autumn climax” of imago, but also can reduce the “winter climax” of larva. In some regions where the parasite infestation is very serious, repel the insect again in May-June; besides, abamectin manufacturer reminds you if the fluke infection or other parasite infections erupted in the herd, choose other corresponding drugs.

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