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Do not fertilize abamectin along with water for root-irrigation

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In china, many vegetable growers reflect that abamectin insecticide has no obvious effect on controlling root-knot nematodes, and even some vegetable growers misunderstand that abamectin almost has no effect. In fact, abamectin has strong killing effect on root-knot nematodes, ectoparasites and other arthropods. But why do they say like this?

After communicating with vegetable growers, we understand that the poor effect of abamectin is caused by their improper application methods. Many vegetable growers think that it is a very trouble thing to irrigate root by using abamectin, so they wash away abamectin on the ground along with water so as to prevent root-knot nematodes. As a result, the effect is sure to be discounted. Abamectin can only play its effect when the using multiple is in the range of 1500-2500 times, which means that one cubic of water should be added with one catty of abamectin. But how many vegetable growers are able to do this? However, abamectin will be difficult to play its effect if the limit concentration cannot be reached, which may be the reason that lead to the poor effect.

It is understood that except for abamectin, many vegetable growers fertilize many kinds of pesticides (most of the pesticides are used in root-irrigation) along with water, which may not only waste pesticides, but also may not have good effect.

This is because the working concentration of pesticides will be difficult to handle if they are fertilized along with water. Pesticide has its best concentration range. Therefore, when the pesticide is fertilized along with water, the water volume will be difficult to control, thus it will be hard to calculate how much pesticide should be irrigated. Under this condition, vegetable growers can only estimate the pesticide dosage. But when the concentration cannot reach the best, the effect will be hard to ensure.

Furthermore, it will take a lot of cost by fertilizing pesticide along with water. About 20 tons of water is needed per mu in only one time of medium water consumption watering; therefore, if the effective concentration of pesticide is 500 times, 40 kilos of pesticide will be needed; if the effective concentration is 2000 times, 10 kilos of pesticide will be needed. It can be seen that the cost of pesticide will be counted as a big number.

Besides, fertilizing pesticide along with water will aggravate the pesticide residue in the soil. If the pesticide is fertilized along with water all the year round, the pesticide residue in the soil will be out of limits, thus the edaphon balance will be destroyed, the damage will last for a long time and the potential problem will be difficult to estimate.

Therewith, abamectin manufacturers remind the vegetable growers that when using pesticide, they should operate strictly according to the instructions. For example, when preventing root-knot nematodes by using abamectin, it should be better cooperate with chitin and irrigate root on single plant, which can not only ensure the concentration, but also will not result in waste.

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