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Five attentions of using plant growth regulator in the vegetable field

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Pay attention to the application range of plant growth regulator

Although PCPA can be effectively dipped on the flowers of solanaceous vegetables, it will cause severe phytotoxicity on the young organization and blade if sprayed on cucumber, green pepper and kidney bean. Therefore, we should use it according to the usable range of specifications and should not expand the application range at will.

Pay attention to the application period and concentration of plant growth regulator

When used on the cucumber, ethephon should be sprayed in the flower-bud differentiation stage and 2.5-4 true leaf stage with the concentration of more than 3000 times liquid. Phytotoxicity is easy to cause if excessive concentration of drug is used on the cucumber that has high seedling age.

growth regulators in plants

Pay attention to the application methods of plant growth regulator

Smear the flower stalk with natural plant growth regulator liqour rather than dip the whole flower in the regulator liquor. If the flower is dipped in the liquor, phytotoxicity is easy to cause and gray mold germs will be spread.

Pay attention to the environment temperature

Plant growth regulator should be sprayed under a certain temperature range. Low dosage is used under high temperature and high dosage is used under low temperature. However, if we use high dosage under high temperature, phytotoxicity is easy to cause; use low dosage under low temperature, yield-increasing effect will not be achieved.

Pay attention to diagnose correctly

The error diagnostics of plant disease will lead to the blind use of plant growth regulators in horticulture. In the prevernae, cucumber and tomato are easy to have serious blunt with blossom and retting root due to the low ground temperature, long hardening of seedling time and inactive plant root system. By this time, if the vegetable growers blindly spray a large number of BR-120, flower retention and fruit retention plant growth regulator so as to stimulate the plant growth, which will aggravate blunt with blossom and retting root physiological disorders.

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