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Five Issues in Using Plant Growth Regulators

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a. Don’t replace fertilizer with regulator. Plant growth regulator is the regulating substances inside the organisms. Using plant growth regulators can not replace the fertilizer and other agricultural measures. Even the promoting type regulator works only when sufficient fertilizer and moisture conditions are provided.

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b. Don’t change the concentration. Fruit tree has stricter requirements for the working concentration of plant growth regulator. Too large concentration will thicken the fruit tree leaves, make them brittle, and lead to malformation or leaves dry off, even the death of the whole plant; while too small concentration can not achieve the desired effects. So, do not increase or diminish the concentration at random.

c. Don’t ignore the effects of aging. Decide on the appropriate using periods of plant growth regulator according to its varieties, duration of effect and cultivation needs to avoid unnecessary losses.

d. Don’t go against the climatic condition. In arid climates, solution concentration should be reduced. On the contrary, when there is plenty of rain, the concentration should be appropriately increased. The time of applying regulator should be controlled before 10 o’clock in the morning and after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. If it rained within 4 hours after applying the regulator, then, it should be reapplied.

e. Don’t mixed use at random. Even though the mixed use of several kinds of plant growth regulators or mixed with pesticide or chemical fertilizer can increase working efficiency and produce integrated beneficial result. Whether mixed use or not should be based on full understanding of the enhancing or inhibiting effects after used.

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