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Five misunderstandings existed in currently pesticide use in china

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The way of using pesticide in the prevention of plant disease and insect pests has long been accepted by the broad masses of Chinese farmers due to its remarkable and fast effect. However, five misunderstandings are existed in the specific use of pesticide as some people lack basic pesticide knowledge and especially have little understanding on new pesticide varieties and new formulation as well as the prevention object and application method.

Using pesticide regardless of the control object

Some people use pesticide to prevent the plant disease, while the other people use the bactericide to prevent pests. Even in some cases, herbicide is used to prevent insect pests. This kind of situation is particularly serious under the condition of tight supply pesticide. By blindly using the pesticides without forethought, it will delay time and impact the effects, furthermore, it may cause phytotoxicity and total crop failure.

Heavy treatment and light prevention, no drug delivery without seeing the insect pests

Under normal conditions, young larvae has poor resistance to the pesticide, however, with the growth of its instar, its resistance to drugs will also increase. Therefore, the pesticide is most effective in the eggs period or larvae stage in preventing the pests. Some Chinese farmers often begin to spray the pesticides when the crops are surrounded by a lot of pests, in which certain damage has been caused and at the same time the pesticide is difficult to play its effect; in the prevention of plant disease, if we spray the protective fungicide or the treatment fungicide only when large scale of plant disease has occurred without understanding its action mode, it will not only lead to expenditure loss, but also has no prevention effects on the crops.

Arbitrarily increasing the drug concentration

Some people often compound the drug by using the bottle cap or non-standard vessel instead of considering its proportion or using the special measuring tool, thus will greatly exceed the prescribed concentration as well as result in waste and easy to cause phytotoxicity. Meanwhile, the drug resistance of insect pests will also be strengthened.

Long-term use of a single variety

During the pesticide application process, some people often use a kind of pesticide long time once found its good effects on the crops. They will increase the dosage of pesticide instead of replacing the varieties even if they found that the control efficiency of this kind of pesticide on the pests has been weakened. Increasing the dosage without recognizing the drug resistance of pests will lead to the vicious circle.

Mixing up the concept of high efficiency with high toxic and lacking safety consciousness

Currently the high quality pesticide is developed in the direction of high efficiency, low toxic and no-residue. However, many Chinese farmers falsely assume that the effects of pesticide will be better with higher toxicity and only subscribe high toxic pesticide. They have little understanding of the pesticide which is low toxic but has high efficiency on the pests and not use the pesticide according to the pesticide safety standard. For example, they will use the pesticide which is prohibited in fruits, vegetables and raw food crops on the crops, which will lead to human and animal poisoning.


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