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Four Mistakes: To Use Plant Growth Regulators

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Mistake 1: to replace fertilizers by plant growth regulators

Plant growth regulators can only play an important effect under conditions of plenty of water and fertilizer. But some manufacturers exaggerate their effect, which causes some farmers using them as fertilizers. And then, farmers pin their hopes on plant growth regulators, rather than conventional technologies such as fertilization, irrigation, cultivating, and cultivation. This practice ultimately affects the effect of plant growth regulator.

Mistake 2: to increase the dosage at will

Plant growth regulators are hormone substances, usually with a dosage just a few grams or milliliters per mu (=0.0667 hectares). But some farmers are always afraid of no effect with less dosage, so they increase the dosage or concentration of plant growth regulators at will. However, this way cannot promote plants growth, but will inhibit their growth; and if too severe, it even leads to leaf malformation, dry and exfliation, as well as the death of entire plant.

Mistake 3: to mix up with other substances at will

Whether plant growth regulators can mix up with other substances such as fertilizers and pesticides or not must be determined by the test after carefully reading the product manual. But to make it easier, many farmers often mix plant growth regulators up with fertilizers, abamectin insecticides and fungicides, etc., and they hope that the way will play a role in promoting growth or protecting flowers and fruits as well as supplementing fertilizers or pest and disease prevention. However, the improper mixing will lead to the “twice the work with half the results” or even “toil with no gain”.

Mistake 4: to spray without the proper time

Plant growth regulators can only achieve maximum effect when they are used at a critical time of plant growth (such as differentiation stage of cucumber flower bud). If they are applied at an improper timing, it cannot receive the desired effect, and even cause side effects. Some farmers with less knowledge in this respect think that plant growth regulators can help promote the growth and increase both production and income at any time, so they spray at any time rather than at the proper time, resulting in poor effect, even lower production and reduction in income.

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