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How to prevent drug resistance of flower pests?

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Drug resistance refers to that pesticide will reduce effect or loss effect after being repeatedly used on preventing the same kind of pest. When the drug resistance occurs, if we simply increase drug concentration and spraying frequency, it will not only waste pesticide and cause pollution, but also will increase drug resistance of pests. How to prevent drug resistance of pests?

Alternately use different drugs

Do not use the same kind of pesticide for a long time. On the contrary, we should use pesticides that have different action mechanisms in turn. For example, organophosphorus preparation, pyrethrin preparation and organochlorine preparation that all belong to insecticide can be used alternately. Generally speaking, internal absorption fungicide will be easy to cause drug resistance, such as carbendazim, topsin and aliette. However, as contact fungicides, such as zineb, ambam, Bordeaux mixture, folpet and chlorothalonil are unlikely to cause drug resistance, they can be used alternately.

Mix pesticides

By mixing two kinds of pesticides that have different action modes and mechanisms, it can delay drug resistance. For example, carbendazim can be mixed with folpet, thiophanate methyl can be mixed with iprodione, abamectin insecticide can be mixed with thiophanate methyl as well as organophosphorus preparation can be mixed with pyrethrin. It should be noted that the mixed pesticide should also not be singly used for a long time, which should be used alternately.

abamectin priceIntermittently use or stop using pesticide

When the pests have become resistant to a certain kind of pesticide, if we stop using it in a short period of time, the drug resistance phenomenon may gradually reduce or even disappear, besides, the toxicity will recover after several years.

Use correct pesticide application technology

By using proper pesticide application technology, pesticide will be deposited and distributed evenly on the vegetables as well as will be beneficial for slowing down the development of drug resistance. For example, we can alternately use ultra low volume spraying method, ultra low volume smoke method as well as ultra low volume spraying method and powder spraying method.

In addition, we can also alleviate drug resistance by obstructing and poisoning pests according to the damage characteristics and habits of pests (for example, larva will climb up and climb down tree every day), thus it will not only pollute environment, but also will achieve good result. In this aspect, pyrethroid poison rope prevention method can be regarded as the most useful method.

Certainly, the more worth promoting method will be mothball expelling parasite method, which is environmentally friendly and will have excellent prevention effect.

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