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How to reduce maintenance cost by using plant growth regulator?

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Plant growth regulator will play an important role in park maintenance and will greatly reduce the maintenance cost for the maintenance personnel. However, many people pay little attention to this or are lack of related knowledge currently. Below are some ways of reducing maintenance cost by using plant growth regulator.

a. By using lawn root motivation growth regulator, dwarf agent and other modifiers, it can dwarf plant, strengthen the root system and reduce the maintenance cost.

Lawn root motivation growth regulator can enhance the horizontal and longitudinal force of root system and will especially enhance the rooting ability of root system. The deeper the root, the more moisture and nutrient it will absorb from deep soil, thus it will improve the drought resistance and stress tolerance of lawn, reduce the supply of moisture and nutrient as well as save water that used in the maintenance. After leveling the ground, spray the lawn rooting agent one time before turfing or seeding so as to enhance the root growth; by disinfecting the soil, the morbidity and stress tolerance in the later period of lawn will be reduced, besides, the maintenance cost will also be reduced.

Lawn dwarf agent can slow down the lawn growth, control the increment as well as reduce the trim frequency and fertilizing amount. If the lawn is trimmed too often, a large number of increment will be cut off in every grass cutting as well as the nutrition will lose. After trimming, the turfgrass needs to obtain nutrition from the soil so as to ensure the growth. According to the nutrient return law, the nutrient that has been absorbed by plant from the soil will be replenished artificially, thus it can maintain the normal growth of turfgrass. However, this will increase the fertilizer cost and cause large waste. Plants that are sprayed with dwarf agent will grow slowly as well as the trim frequency and fertilizing amount will be greatly reduced, which can ensure that the nutrient in the plant body or in the soil will not be taken away rapidly along with grass cutting and can save water. Meanwhile, dwarf agent can also improve the root activity, promote root growth and reduce the morbidity that caused by excessive growth. Plant that has developed root system will also have strong drought resistance and cold resistance.

b. Plant growth regulator can be used in inhibiting and slowing down the growth of hedge plants as well as can also reduce the artificial pruning frequency. After using, the plant internode will be shortened, the plant appearance will become compact, the leaf color will deepen and the ornamental value will increase, besides, it can maintain the hedge art modeling for a long time. Therefore, it is especially suitable for being used in purpus privet, ligustrun lucidum, buxus sinica, common nandina and other hedge plants.

c. By using plant growth regulator, sweet olive, cape jasmine and azalea that cannot bloom originally will bloom or bloom ahead of time, besides, the flower shape will become large and the fragrance will be very rich.

d. Rooting agent can improve the survival rate of cutting and transplanting plants and reduce cost.

e. By using modifier, it will prevent the kumquat fruit from falling off and can extend the ornamental period.

f. Antifreeze agent that is prepared by modifier can improve the stress tolerance of plants and reduce the loss that caused by freeze injury.

In the future, it will be an important measure of reducing the cost by adjusting, controlling, commanding and inducing the plant growth with chemical regulators, which will have important effect on improving the park maintenance quality.

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