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How to use Plant Growth Regulators on Flowers and Trees

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Plant growth regulators play an important role in regulation of the growth of flowering plants, prevent excessive growth, promoting rooting, nurturing seedlings, control sex differentiation, prevent shattering, and enhance resistance and storage etc. However, because of the difference in type of chemicals, application object, purpose of use, plant growth conditions and climatic conditions, different plant growth regulators are not the same on the use of methods, so it should pay attention to a reasonable choice in practice.

Dressing method

Dressing method and seed coat method is mainly used for seed treatment. When using fungicides, insecticides, fertilizer and other seed treatment may be appropriate to add a plant growth regulator. Dressing method is a hybrid mix the medicine with seed, so that the seed looks stained agents, such as sprayed the drug with a sprayer on the seeds, stir after sowing.

Seed coat method

Seed coat method is to use a dedicated seed coating formulations, which was wrapped around the seed, forming a certain thickness of the film, in addition to promote seed germination, but also to achieve pest control, increased mineral nutrition, plant growth regulating purposes.

Immersion method

Commonly used in the promotion of rooting, seed treatment, storage and preservation, etc., such as leafy woody cuttings, put in 5-10 ml/l indolebutyric acid (IBA), after 12-24 hours of immersion, directly into the seedbed. Quick dip method can also be used after the 1-naphthlcetic acid with talcum powder by 1 gram than 1000 g mixed, the lower cuttings soaked with water, then dipped in a little powder cuttings in seedbeds.

Spraying method

Plants shall be sprayed with fine and uniform drops of pre-made preparation at required concentration till all spraying parts get wet. In order to make it easy for the medicine to adhere to the surface of the plants, you may add some emulsifiers in the medicine, such as surfactants and other detergent or adjuvants to increase the adhesion agent. When spraying, you should try to spray on the upper foliage plants.

Watering method

Put the plant growth regulator mixed into solution, directly watering the soil or mixed with fertilizer for application, so that the roots fully absorbed. If it is potted flowers, the amount of solution as needed is depending on the size of the plants and pots, generally 9-12 cm diameter pots need 200-300 ml. To promote plants flowering, control plant stems, branches elongation, you can irrigate with 0.1 to 0.3 percent succinic acid amide and chlormequat solution.

Smear method

When treated with lanolin, directly applied the lanolin containing medicament to the treatment parts, mostly painted in the wound, so that conducive to the promotion of rooting, and can also be coated bud. Air layering incision smear method can be used for breeding of the flower which is expensive and difficult to take root. The method is carried out the surround cutting on a twig, exposing the phloem, lanolin containing auxin agents applied in the incision, with moss and so on to kept moist, and then wrapped the outside with thin film to prevent water evaporation.

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