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How to use the mixture of mineral oil and abamectin?

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Is it true that the mixture of mineral oil and abamectin insecticide can prevent various germs and pests? What kinds of problems should be paid attention to if we use this kind of mixture?

The mechanism of mineral oil (mainly includes engine oil and diesel oil) in preventing pests is mainly as follows: on the one hand, EW that formed by mixing mineral oil and water will form oil film after being sprayed on the insect or egg shell surface, which can close pests spiracle or micropyle as well as can lead to the suffocation and death of pests; on the other hand, the oily can also intrude into cell tissue through pests body wall and will have chemical reaction with cellular materials, which will lead to the poisoning and death of pests. In addition, the oil film that formed on the plant surface after spraying the engine oil can prevent larva and nymph of pests from stopping on the plant as well as can destroy the growth condition of germs, which will have certain effect on expelling pests and inhibiting germ damage as well as can reduce the use of bactericide.

abamectin powdersIn addition, as petroleum oil has low toxicity to human and livestock, the oil film that formed on the plant surface will volatilize slowly as well as the effect can last as long as dozens of days, which will have more positive significance in reducing environmental or ecological pressure that caused by pesticide residue and reducing the use cost of pesticide. As the process of preventing pests by using petroleum oil is basically a physical process, the unhealthy phenomenon that pest will become resistant to pesticide after repeated use will almost not occur, which undoubtedly will create a buffer space for solving the increasingly serious drug resistance of pests. It can be found according to the survey that some users have changed to use petroleum oil after the serious drug resistance has occurred by using ordinary insecticide in preventing red spider, scale insect, whitefly and thrips. When they reused the ordinary insecticides after a period of time, they found that the pesticide effect of these pesticides had all improved to some extent. Petroleum oil can not only be singly used, but also will expand the insecticidal spectrum after mixing with other insecticides. For example, by adding 200ml petroleum oil into 20g 480g/l chlorpyrifos emulsifiable concentrates or adding it into 3 percent 1.5ml abamectin emulsifiable concentrate and diluting it to 1000 times liquid, it can be used in preventing diamond back moth. Besides, it can also be mixed with propargite, imidacloprid, esbiothrin, malathion, carbosulfan, dimethoate and other insecticides, thus it can improve prevention effect.

Attentions: a. under high temperature, the working concentration of mineral oil should be reduced properly, which means that water consumption should be increased to some extent; b. mineral oil should not be used when the fruit trees sprout young organizations so as to avoid causing damage; c. before mixing with other chemical pesticides, a small amount of mineral oil diluents should be mixed with pesticide diluents, at this time, if precipitate, caking, smoking, bubbling, flocculation and other phenomena have not occurred, it can be used for the further pesticide effect trial.

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