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Mix plant growth regulator with fertilizer

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The influence of fertilization and mineral nutrient on plant growth regulating substances

In the mineral nutrient, nitrogen will have outstanding influence on the growth of root, the generation of cytokinin (CYT) and the upward transport. Stattelmach reported that after using nitrogen on potatoes, the output of CYT will increase, when stop providing nitrogen, the output of CYT will reduce sharply. The supply of phosphorus and potassium will also have influence on the synthesis and output of CYT. When the nitrogen is in short supply, the synthesis of abscisic acid (ABA) in the plant body will be obviously increased, which can promote the plant ageing. Nitrogen will have outstanding effect on gibberellin (GA), for example, when stop supplying nitrogen on potatoes, GA content in potato stalk will obviously reduce. Meanwhile, the amount of ABA will increase rapidly. Therefore, fertilization is closely related with the reasonable application of plant growth regulator. For example, by spraying high level of nitrogenous fertilizer on cereal crops, it can promote the growth of stem and increase the risk of lodging as it will promote the synthesis of GA and will provide high level of nitrogen nutrition. In order to avoid this situation, when applying nitrogenous fertilizer, chlormequat chloride can also be used together so as to inhibit the synthesis of GA.

The influence of plant growth regulator on plant nutrition

Giridhar studied the influence of chlormequat chloride (CCC) and phosphorus on the growth and output of peanut and proved that chlormequat chloride can obviously improve the protein nitrogen content in peanut. By spraying multi-effect triazole on corn, Iremien found that the content of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in the blade increased obviously. By spraying multi-effect triazole (MET) on soybean, the content of chlorophyll also increased obviously. In fact, the content of mineral nutrient that is related with the synthesis of chlorophyll, such as the content of magnesium, also increased. Many researches prove that the mixing of plant growth regulator and fertilizer will have obvious synergistic effect on the crop output. In conclusion, in the mixing process of pesticide and fertilizer, pesticide and fertilizer will be closely related with the plant mineral nutrient and will have mutual effect. This kind of mutual effect both includes the physical (such as pesticide formulation and physical property of fertilizer) and chemical (the chemical reaction between pesticide and fertilizer and so on), except for this, it also includes the mutual effect between biological activity and biological effect. By studying the relationship between them, it will have great significance in reasonably using the pesticide and fertilizer, especially scientifically mixing the pesticide and fertilizer, combining fertilization and drug delivery, simplifying farming operation procedures, reducing labour intensity and increasing the crop output.

The emergence and significance of mixing pesticide and fertilizer

In the research of agriculture science and production practice, as fertilization will change the plant mineral nutrition, it certainly will cause a series of physiological change, such as plant growth and metabolism in the body, thus it will influence some pesticides, especially the penetration, absorption, conduction and metabolism of some systemic insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and plant growth regulator in the plant body, which will have direct or indirect influence on the application effect of pesticide. In the mixing of pesticide and fertilizer, fertilizer will also have activation or passivation on the biological activity of some pesticide components. Similarly, pesticide will not only have influence on the prevention object, but also will have direct or indirect influence on the crops and further influence its absorption and metabolism of mineral nutrient. Therefore, by studying the relationship between pesticide, fertilizer and crop as well as mixing the pesticide and fertilizer in the agricultural production, it can avoid the antagonism between pesticide and fertilizer and the harmful effect on crops, reduce the synergistic effect between them, reduce the dosage of pesticide and fertilizer, achieve the best effect as well as protect the environment and improve the crop output.

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