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Present Situation of Abamectin Preparations in China

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Abamectin has developed for more than 10 years in the Chinese market. With high efficiency, low toxicity and high selectivity, it has become a widely accepted mainstream pesticide, and recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture as pollution-free pesticides. However, although the market has welcomed the avermectin products, there are still some problems. In 2011, insecticide consumption in the Chinese market is about 30% less than usual; avermectin preparation has a corresponding decline in sales.

Abamectin is a kind of sixteen-membered macrolide compounds with insecticide, acaricide and nematicide activity, produced by soil microbial fermentation. It is one of the most popular products in the current bio-pesticide market for novel structure, slow resistance and dual-use of crop and livestock. Prior to 2007, abamectin insecticide mainly used in friuit trees, vegetables, cotton and other crops, but it was well-known because it became the most important product recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture to prevent rice leafroller in 2007.

Abamectin, as a bio-pesticide, its efficacy is affected by a number of factors. Avermectin has different activities from metabolic effects and strains from different manufacturers. Its efficacy varies greatly from the emulsifiable concentrate configured with ointment or fine powder. Avermectin is easy to decompose; its effective duration is directly affected by different solvents and whether antioxidants added or not. Adding different amount of emulsifiers and thickening agents has different efficacy.

Currently, quality of avermectin varies greatly in the market, leading to misunderstandings by many people. Inferior and cheap avermectin in order to guarantee the efficacy, its dosage must be increased, which not only increase civilian’s cost, and is easy to create an illusion of avermectin with resistance. Truly excellent avermectin are carefully selected in terms of species, processing and formulation, etc., rather than arbitrarily processing inferior avermectin.

There are some points to ensure the stable development of avermectin market. Firstly, abamectin suppliers should ensure the efficacy of products, and can not ignore product quality in pursuit of efficiency, damaging the reputation of the avermectin industry. Secondly, each company should be responsible for the channel of their products, but not hit each other. This is the only way to ensure a longer product life cycle. Thirdly, it is also important to enhance training of product use in order to improve the level of drug use. According to different growth stages and pests, it is necessary to guide farmers to use the product scientifically. Finally, broadening the application of avermectin in other areas, namely through the formulation development or compounded with other products, can make it more widely applied into chilo supperssalis, vegetable nematodes, cotton aphids, scale insects of fruit trees.

Although avermectin sales declined slightly in 2011, it has irreplaceable advantages of other products. It still occupies an unshakable position in pear psylla, underground nematodes, spider mites or other products. Benign and sustainable development of avermectin requires not only technical updating and technological upgrading of manufacturers, but requires close collaboration among pesticide companies.

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