gibberellic acid

Product Overview

  • Product Name:gibberellic acid GA4+7
  • Product Specifications:90% TC,20%/10% TB
  • Active ingredient content:90%TC
  • Packing:25kg/drum, 1kg/sachet
  • Use:…
  • Safety measures:…
  • For crops:…
  • Quality warranty:…
  • Technical Data Sheet:gibberellic-acid.pdf

Product Description

Apperance : White crystal

Content: min 90%

Cas No: (GA4 ) [468-44-0]
(GA7 ) [510-75-8]


Specification :

Melting point: 201-205 °C

loss on drying: < 0.5% residule: < 0.1% Application:

Promote the apple set fruit, make apple five edges clearly, make the apple have a good shape and good color;
Increase corn the sprout ratio, increase the outputs;
When use on changing the cucumber sex, it can increase the ratio of female flower of cucumber.


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