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  • Product Name:Mesotrione
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  • Active ingredient content:98%
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Product Description

Common Name: Mesotrione

Chemical Name: 2-(4-Mesyl-2-nitrobenzoyl)-1,3-cyclohexanedione

CAS NO.: 104206-82-8

M.f. : C14H13NO7S

Molecular weight: 339.32

Density : 1.46g/ ml (20℃)

Boiling Point: 98%TC 96%TC 10%WP

A.I. Content: 98%


Tech is light yellow crystalline powder, Melting point 165℃,density 1.46g/ml(20℃),vapor pressure 4.27×10-8mmHg(20℃). It is weak acid,,pKa3.12(20℃),Solubility in 20℃:2.2g/L(pH4.8),15g/L(pH6.9) and 22g/L(pH9.0),anti-hydrolysis in pH4~9.

Storage: Keep in well-closed containers, in a cool and dark place 0-6℃

Usage: used to remove weeds in maize fields, it can work with acetochlor and Nicosulfuron.

Mesotrione will be applied pre- and post-emergence through ground or aerial application equipment. Mesotrione has herbicidal activity against broadleaf weeds. It’s efficacy is the result of the inhibition of the enzyme 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) enzyme in target plants. Following treatment, in sensitive plants carotenoid biosynthesis is disrupted in the chlorophyll pathway, resulting in a bleaching effect.

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