Naphthyl Acetic Acid

Product Overview

  • Product Name:a-Naphthyl acetic acid(NAA)
  • Product Specifications:98% TC
  • Active ingredient content:98% 95%TC
  • CAS:86-87-3
  • Packing:25kg/drum
  • Use:…
  • Safety measures:…
  • For crops:…
  • Quality warranty:…
  • Technical Data Sheet:Naphthyl-Acetic-Acid-Data-Sheet.pdf

Product Description

Molecular formula: C12H10O2

Physics and chemical properties:

White crystal or amorphous power, boiling point at 265.5℃, stable in property and incombustible, It can be dissolved in water and organic solvents.


It is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. It has the feature and function of inner auxin 3- indolebutyric acid which can accelerate the division and enlargement; induce the formation of unsettled roots, increase setting rate, prevent fruit from dropping and adjust flowers sex ratio. It can be translated to target with the flow of nutrition when absorbed through leaves, seeds or the tender epidermis of plants. It also can improve plants’ ability of resisting drought, cold, disease, saline and alkali, and dry-hot wind.


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