Sodium nitrophenolate

Product Overview

  • Product Name:Sodium nitrophenolate
  • Product Specifications:98% TC,1.8% AS,
  • Active ingredient content:…
  • CAS:67233-85-6
  • Packing:25KG/drums (TC)
  • Use:…
  • Safety measures:…
  • For crops:…
  • Quality warranty:…
  • Technical Data Sheet:Sodium-nitrophenolate.pdf


Product Description

Active ingredient:

(1)Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate;

(2)Sodium o-nitrophenolate;

(3)Sodium p-nitrophenolate

Function: It is a kind of plant-growth regulator, It can promote crops growth and development, induce to bloom and fruit, break the dormant obstacle, induce to root and germinate, avoid falling blooms and fruits, improve the quality of plant, make the fruit have a good color and quality, raise the absorption of the nutrition, enhance the immunity of the plant ,enhance against drought, flood, coldness, freeze injury and capability, Improve the quality and quantity.


1.Compounded with the fertilizer.

It is a fertilizer synergist. after mixing with fertilizer, it can increase the absorption of the nutrition, and make it have a good effect. it can eliminate the antagonism, balance the nutrition absorption. When compounded with fertilizers, it can add the effect.

2.Use on crops and fruit trees:

(1).It can make the root and sprout stronger, transplant sprout revive rapidly, prevent the dead-locked sprout and raise the transplant survival rate.

(2). It can accelerate the young tree to blossom and fruit. It also can adjust the balance of the nutrition growing, accelerate the reproduction growth, promote the flower bud differentiation.

(3). It can relieve the harm of pesticides and fertilizer, make the plant revive quickly.

(4). It can protect bloom and fruits, improve the fruit quality, increase the quantity, make the product go to market early.

(5). It can increase the plant’s immunity, enhance the crops capacity of resistant-disease, relieve the freeze injury.

(6). When compounded with fertilizer, it can improve the fertilizer effect.

(7). It can higher the set-fruit ratio, reduce the falling fruits and improve the big or small year of fruit tree effectively.

(8).Expanding and beautifying the fruit .It can expand and fruit size and beauty the fruit color, make it go to market early.

(9). It is a high –efficient, low toxicity low residual and low hazard product for plant.

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