Product Overview

  • Product Name:Thidiazuron
  • Product Specifications:97% TC;50% WP
  • Active ingredient content:…
  • CAS:51707-55-2
  • Packing:25kg/drum
  • Use:…
  • Safety measures:…
  • For crops:…
  • Quality warranty:…
  • Technical Data Sheet:Thidiazuron-Technical-Data-Sheet.pdf


Product Description

Physics and chemical properties

Pure products: Colorless crystalline solid;

Melting point: 210.5-212.5℃ (decomposed),

Vapor pressure: 4nPa(25ºC).

Solubility (25ºC): water 31mg/l, cyclohexanone 21.5mg/l, dimethyl amide,dimethyl sulfoxide > 500g/l, Ethyl acetate:0.8g/l,

Ethane: 6mg/kg,methanol4.5g/l, Kow 59(pH 7.3), pKa 8.86. Stable below 200ºC.


The defoliate effects lie in many causes and their mutual relations. The main reasons are temperature, relative air humidity and rainfall after spraying the products. The effect is better under high temperature and humidity. Dosage is relative to plant’ height and consistency. In the middle part of our country and seeding cotton in spring, use 50℅ wetting power 1500g/hec (E.I.750g) and treat the vane comprehensively in Sept before 5 days of spraying and 15 days after praying, average temperature 21.9-14.5℃, relative air humidity 78-89℅,cotton boll craze 70℅ ,500g/hec. 10 days after spraying the plant’s leaves begin to fall and bolls opening begin to increase,15 days after spraying reaches the zenith and 20 days begins to decrease. The above dose is better to harvest ahead and seed winter wheat, moreover has no harm to the crop followed.


1. In the spraying fertilizer period, the cotton boll craze should not early than 60℅, in case of affecting output and quality.

2.Rainfall after spraying fertilizer will affect the effect, so you’d better notice the weather report.

3. If the product is eaten, absorbed or touched by mistake, it will harm to health and you should go to hospital at once. If it touches skin or eyes, you must wash in clean water immediately.

4. Do not pollute water origin when washing containers or deal with waste liquid medicine.

5. The product should be put away from food, feed and children.

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