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The application of abamectin has encountered embarrassment in China due to the huge market space

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Abamectin is a kind of new type antibiotic that both used in plants and livestock, which has very high biological activity on various mites and pests of crops as well as is also a kind of excellent antibiotic insecticide and antibiotic acaricide. It has broad spectrum, high efficiency, low residue as well as is safe for human and livestock and environment. As it has unique action mechanism as well as it can effectively control pests and mites that will have resistance to commonly used insecticide and acaricide, it has become one of the ideal pesticide varieties in the integrated control of agricultural pests at present. Except for being used in preventing agricultural pests, abamectin also has been widely used in preventing various endoparasites and ectoparasites of fowl, which is a kind of fowl insect repellant that has broad spectrum, high efficiency and is also safe as well as will have repelling and killing activity on nematode, insect and mite. Currently, abamectin strains that used in producing insecticide are mostly selected from nature. However, even after some mutagenesis and dissimilation, these kinds of insecticide still have slow pesticide effect, narrow insecticidal spectrum and low stability as the expression level of gene product is limited by bacteria regulating system and toxin gene copy number.

Abamectin insecticide can be widely used in preventing the insect attack of vegetable, fruit tree, wheat, rice, cotton, tobacco and other crops, besides, it also can be mixed with many pesticides, thus it can expand insecticidal spectrum as well as can improve prevention effect and insecticidal speed; as high-toxic pesticide has been forbidden, down-stream products have been largely developed as well as the application range has been expanded, the market demand of abamectin will be further expanded.

abamectin insecticide labelCurrently, abamectin has been popularized in China for about more than ten years. Due to its high efficiency, low toxicity and high selectivity, it has been favored a lot since it was launched and has become recognized by Chinese farmers until now. However, due to this excessive “favor”, it also has cast a shadow over the prospect of abamectin. At the beginning when abamectin was firstly used, as it can be used less than usual dose, is safe for human and livestock as well as will not do harm to natural enemies and will not destroy ecology, it once won unanimous praise and was recommended as non-polluted pesticide by the Ministry of Agriculture in China, besides, it was even called as “biopesticide miracle” by some medium. As a result, it has been regarded as a kind of commonly used biopesticide by Chinese farmers.

However, Mr. Zhao, who has many years of sales experience in China’s agricultural industry told us that the product life circle of abamectin is about to walk into decline stage, besides, the market prospect will not be that optimistic. Farmers and sales person also once reflected that it will still be difficult to kill pests even if they continuously increase drug concentration. Mr. Zhao also reflected that when abamectin firstly went public, the emulsifiable concentrate of abaemctin was only 0.2 percent, however, until this year, abamectin products that contain 3 percent of emulsifiable concentrate have been registered by some manufacturers. Manufacturers have to continuously increase emulsifiable concentrate as pests are becoming “stronger and stronger”, but in view of source, it may be caused by the low drug use level of farmers.

Chinese farmers are used to continuously use a certain kind of pesticide for a long time, however, even if the best pesticide is unable to bear such perennial and continuous use. Compared with chemical pesticide, although biopesticide has lower toxicity and higher selectivity, it will generate resistance faster, which can also be counted as a critical defect of biopesticide. As farmers in agriculturally advanced countries can scientifically use pesticide and almost will not continuously use a same kind of pesticide, the product cycle of pesticide will be much longer. On the other hand, the compound method of Chinese farmers is also not scientific enough, as they often compound seven or eight kinds of pesticides before using, on the contrary, the foreign farmers will always compound only two kinds of pesticide. Due to this unscientific application method, it will accelerate the pest resistance to pesticide. Currently, in the south of Yangtze River, the using effect of abamectin has been greatly reduced, besides, pest resistance to this kind of pesticide has become very strong; in the northern area, pest have increased resistance to abamectin. Mr. Zhao thought that this trend will only accelerate the elimination of abamectin products.

Mr. Zhao said that this replacement and update could be a normal market phenomenon. This is because any kind of product will have its product life circle, while pesticide will have more obvious life circle due to its biological characteristics. However, the life cycle of abamectin products should not be so short, if they are used more scientifically and reasonably, they also can be used for a long time like foreign pesticide. Abamectin is difficult to remain its popularity, which reflects that high quality pesticide will also encounter embarrassment under low quality application.

Experts also thought that although it has realized the industrial production of abamectin, as it is still difficult to select bacterial strain and due to high production cost, it has greatly limited the application of abamectin. Therefore, in the next step, the related manufacturing enterprises should put efforts in developing new varieties, new preparations and reducing production cost so as to further open a new space of abamectin market.

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