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The characteristics of abamectin that used on rice

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The function characteristics of abamectin that used on rice

Abamectin is a kind of antibiotics insecticide and acaricide, which has high efficient and broad spectrum insecticidal, acaricidal and nematocidal effect, has contact action and stomach action on insects and mites, has weak fumigation action, has no systemic action, has strong permeation on leaves, can kill subcutaneous pests and will have long lasting period, but it cannot kill pests eggs. The action mechanism is as follows: it can disturb neural physiological activities and can stimulate releasing GABA. After contacting with this kind of pesticide, nymphs, imagoes and pests will become paralyzed, will become inactive, will not eat and will die in 2~4 days. However, as it will not lead to the rapid dehydration of pests, it will have slow lethal effect. Although it has direct killing effect on predatory and parasitical natural enemies, it will have low killing effect on beneficial insects as it will have little residues on plant surface.

Abamectin on RiceThe toxicity of abamectin that used on rice

Abamectin pesticide has high toxicity on higher animals and has mild stimulation on eyes. It is toxic to fish, has high toxicity on bees and has low toxicity on birds. Besides, it can be rapidly degraded by microorganisms in soil and will not have biological concentration.

The prevention objects of abamectin that used on rice

Abamectin is a kind of broad spectrum insecticide and acaricide, which can be used in preventing the pests of cotton, fruit trees, vegetables, tea trees, medical pants, garden flowers and so on. Regarding rice, it is mainly used in preventing rice leaf roller.

The application methods of abamectin that used on rice

When preventing rice leaf roller, 80~100ml 1.8 percent of abamectin EC can be used per mu, which should be sprayed before the second instars of rice leaf roller and will have good effect if it is used in egg hatching peaks.

Application notice of abamectin

a. Take protective measures when spraying drugs, for example, wear a mask and so on.

b. As it has high toxicity on fish, it should avoid polluting water source. As it is toxic to bees, it should not be used in flowering period.

c. It should be used immediately after being prepared. Do not spray drugs under strong light.

d. Spray it last time 20 days before harvest time.

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