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The industry status of biofertilizer and biopesticide is not optimistic in China

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Biofertilizer was developed and used very early in China, which will have important effect on improving crop quality, reducing cost, increasing output, reducing environmental pollution, improving soil property and other aspects. After years of researches, China has successively developed microbial inoculant, compound microbial biofertilizer, pyraloxime lodide, solubilizing phosphate, associated nitrogen fixing bacteria and other biofertilizers in nitrogen fixation, decomposition of soil organic substance, insoluble minerals, disease resistance, stimulating crop growth, root symbiotic bacteria and other fields.

Biofertilizer patent has increased rapidly in China in recent years, besides, some biofertilizer manufacturing enterprises have already or are about to enter the market of foreign countries. According to statistics, about 621 kinds of biofertilizer have been registered and about 648 kinds of biofertilizer have obtained temporary registration. Currently, there are about more than 500 biofertilizer enterprises in China, besides, the annual output has reached 4.5 million tons, the usable area has reached 6.667 million hectares as well as the output value has reached 8 billion Yuan, which shows that biofertilizer has played great effect on the production.

abamectin pesticideHowever, due to the large population base, the excessive pursuit of yield per unit as well as the overuse of chemical fertilizer in China, the utilization of chemical fertilizer has reduced year after year. Among them, the average application rate of nitrogen fertilizer in China is almost about 3 times of America. Due to the overuse of chemical fertilizer, it will destroy soil structure, the biodiversity and ecosystem stability in the natural world will reduce as well as will lead to the eutrophication of rivers and lakes and declining of agricultural products quality.

Meanwhile, as the traditional research and development mode of biofertilizer is still being used in China, the technology and product research and development that made by universities and research units cannot be rapidly and effectively transferred into products that can be used in the enterprises; besides, as most of biofertilizer enterprises in China still have small scales as well as due to the immature technology and equipment, they have not become the innovation subject of biofertilizer yet.

Although the registration management system has been implemented in China, the management efforts and relevant policy are still waiting to be improved; as the publicity, production and sale of biofertilizer have not been combined together and some agricultural operators are still lack of understanding of biofertilizer, the sales amount has occupied very low proportion in the total fertilizer in China.

The enterprise scale and innovation power of biofertilizer are still waiting to be strengthened

Since the early days of new China, research on Bacillus thuringiensis insecticide has been started. After decades of original innovation and development, China has successively developed more than 200 kinds of biocidal products with proprietary intellectual property rights and Chinese characteristics as well as part of the products and technologies have been exported to the international market through cooperation. Among them, some of the products have formed certain scales. For example, the annual output value of validamycin, gibberellin, abamectin and Bacillus thuringiensis has exceeded a hundred million Yuan. Therefore, China has become the largest producing country of validamycin, gibberellin and abamectin.

In recent years, China has achieved certain development of introducing biopesticide strain, resources selection and evaluation, new product development, manufacturing technique, product quality inspection as well as industrial production and other aspects, in which about more than 140 kinds of biopesticides that have active component have been registered, the annual output has reached 12,000-13,000 tons as well as the amount of biopesticide has occupied about 12 percent of the total pesticide amount. Besides, the newly developed and registered biopesticide varieties are still increasing year after year.

However, due to the insufficient support from government, biopesticide industry has not obtained enough attentions in China, enterprise scale and innovation power are waiting to be strengthened, biopesticide products have certain defects as well as the lack of publicity efforts, the popularization and promotion of biopesticide have still been restricted.

Currently, there are about more than 2200 pesticide manufacturers in China. Among them, there are about 260 biopesticide manufacturing enterprises, only 100 enterprises still maintain production and only 4 listed companies that have more than one hundred million Yuan annual output value. At present, the annual output value of biopesticide is only 1-2 billion Yuan as well as the average annual output value of every variety is only 2 million Yuan. However, the market size of validamycin and abamectin insecticide has occupied about 90 percent of the whole biopesticide industry, which shows that biopesticide still has simple product, small industrial scale and is lack of research efforts. As a result, it still cannot meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets on production scale, price advantage and supply volume as well as still needs to be continuously strengthened.

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