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The Technology of Abamectin Used in Preventing and Controlling Vegetable Pests

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Biopesticide is a kind of pesticide with persistent effect, low toxicity, low residue, and slower resistance. In recent years, promotional use of biopesticides mainly includes agritol, abamectin, etc. and their compound agents. Different biopesticides have different functional mechanisms. Their target crop and target pest are also different.

Abamectin is a new efficient antibiotic pesticide and acaricide of a broad spectrum. With the functions of stomach poisoning, contact poisoning, and endosmosis ability, it can kill the leaf-mining pests, but without ovicidal properties. This pesticide is a nerve agent, which kills the pests by disturbing the physiological activity of the nerves of pests. Because of its function mechanism is different from the conventional pesticide, it will not produce cross-resistance with conventional pesticide and is suitable to prevent and control the pests that have already produced drug resistance to organophosphorus insecticides or pyrethroids. The use level of this pesticide’s active ingredient is 0.1g/m2 to 0.4g/m2, which is only 1/100 to 1/50 of the conventional pesticide. Several hours after ingestion or exposure to the pesticide, the pests will undergo rapid onset of paralysis, food refusal, slow-moving, and other symptoms of poisoning. They can not harm the crops any longer and will die; 2 to 3 days after the application of pesticides, the insecticidal effect reaches its climax, lasting for 7 to 15days with over 90% of control efficiency. Within the range of usual dose, it is safe to human and livestock, comparatively safer to birds and pest natural enemy, but has high toxicity against fish, shrimps, bees, and other bionts; the pesticides spraying onto the surface of the plant can break down quickly and lose efficacy (except the pesticide that has been infiltrated into the leaves). If it is applied into the soil, it will be absorbed and fixed, and will be decomposed by microorganisms; vulnerable to degradation in water; and it will not accumulate in organisms and the environment so that no pollution will be caused.

Abamectin Used

At present, there are many factories in China that produce avermectin insecticides, with more than 100 product varieties already registered: single dose, pesticide mixture (For example, mix with beta-cypermethrin, phoxim, DDVP, and so on), technical material, etc. Their names and contents of active ingredients are different, so, be careful while using to avoid slip-up. Before the use of abamectin, the variety of the pesticides, the contents of the active ingredients, the application area, and the target, etc. should be taken into consideration and correctly choose the amount of pesticides needed in the application area strictly according to the usage requirements. The working concentration should be correctly prepared to improve the control efficiency. The pesticides can not be stored for a long time; it is suitable to apply the pesticide at dusk; both sides of the leaves, stalks, and the undetectable places should all be sprayed, avoid oversight. Many abamectins are more suitable to be used in burning hot summer and autumn.

Pesticides should be applied in the appropriate period. During prevention of pests using abamectin, the pests will suffer from poisoning process of one to three days before death. Its effects are not so rapidly as some chemical insecticides, therefore, it should be utilized during the best brood time to the one year larval stage; due to long lasting period, the interval days between the two applications can be properly increased.

Abamectin supplier reminds you that abamectin should be used with caution. Don’t use abamectin to some pests that can be completely controlled by conventional pesticides; it is suitable for some borers or the pests that have already become resistant to conventional pesticide. Don’t use abamectin alone for a long time, in case the pests produce resistance. It should be used alternately with other pesticides, but blindly mixed use with other insecticides should also be prohibited. Abamectin can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.

Be careful. Avoid applying pesticide near the pond or river. No application during the flowering phase of the crops; though abamectin has low active ingredients, large dilution ratio, it should still be conducted strictly in accordance with the safe operation rules.

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