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The troubling situation about Abamectin development in China’s Market

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As a bio-pesticide, abamectin shows the momentum of rapid development after five kinds of highly toxic pesticides disabled. With increasing dosage, it becomes commonly used drug in the agricultural production. However, since the speed of generating resistance of bio-pesticides is faster than that of chemical pesticides, with farmer’s unreasonable drug use and pest resistance to abamectin increasing, abamectin effect greatly reduces, so its life cycle is worrying.

According to reports, abamectin is a new dual-purpose of crops and livestock antibiotics, with high biological activity against a variety of crops mites and pests. Besides, it is an excellent antibiotic pesticide and miticide, with characteristics of broad-spectrum, efficient, low-residue, and safety for human, animal and environmental, etc. Because of its unique mechanism of action, abamectin can effectively control pests and mites with resistance to common pesticides and acaricides, and it is one of ideal pesticides for the current agricultural integrated control. In addition to control agricultural pests, abamectin is widely used in the treatment of a variety of endoparasite and ectoparasite of poultry. Abamectin is a highly effective, broad spectrum and safe poultry anthelmintic, with insecticidal activity for nematodes, insects and mites. Currently, abamectin strains used in pesticide production are usually natural strains screened from the nature. Through several mutagenesis alienations, but its expression levels of gene products are restricted by self-regulatory system and toxin gene copy number, so there are some constraints such as slow efficacy, relatively narrow insecticidal spectrum and poor stability, etc.

Abamectin can be not only applied to the pest control for vegetables, fruit trees, wheat, rice, cotton, tobacco and other crops, but also mixed with most pesticides to expand insecticidal spectrum and improve control effect and speed. With highly toxic pesticides disabled, a large number of downstream products developed, applications extended, the market demand for abamectin will be further expanded.

The bio-pesticide abamectin has been well-known more than ten years in China’s market. Because of its advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity and high selectivity, abamectin has been a favorite with the market when it is available, and now has become the mainstream pesticide generally accepted by farmers, as well as recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for the pollution-free pesticide. However, precisely because of the “favorite”, the prospects of abamectin cast a shadow. Farmers and vendors reflect that it is hard to effectively kill pests even increasing drug concentration. According to reports, the abamectin insecticides are just listed with emulsifiable concentrate of 0.2%, while manufacturers have registered abamectin products with emulsifiable concentrate of 3% this year. Producers increasing emulsifiable concentrate content are considered to be a last resort, because pests are stronger and stronger. That farmers are poor in drug use is regarded as the root cause.

Chinese farmers are accustomed to continuously use certain pesticides year after year; even the best pesticides cannot withstand such year-round continuous use. With respect to chemical pesticides, bio-pesticide has lower toxicity and higher selectivity, but the speed of generating resistance is faster than that of the former, which is fatal. Pesticide treatment is relatively scientific in developed agricultural countries, hardly year-round continuous use of certain pesticides, so pesticide product cycle is much longer.

Currently, in the regions south of the Yangtze River in China, abamectin effect has been greatly reduced, and pests has very strong resistance to it; in the northern regions, pests have showed the phenomenon of enhanced resistance. Experts from abamectin exporters believe that this trend only accelerates the speed of abamectin products to be eliminated.

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