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The use of Plant Growth Regulator in Golf course

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According to to the research, lawn plant growth regulator is a kind of natural or synthetic compound which can affect plant physiological processes at lower concentrations. Began in the 40’s, research of the lawn plant growth regulator focused on the growth of lawn which requiring a lower level of maintenance (such as the side of the road, revetment lawn), ear control efficacy and toxicity of lawn grass. From 1970s to 1980s, the development of lawn plant growth regulator was fasted, and the research mainly focused on inhibition on the shoot and root of lawn, the effects on control of turfgrass earing, mechanism of absorption and translocation, toxicity of plant cells, interaction effects of different growth regulators and so on. After the 90’s, new type of plant growth regulator applied to the lawn grass. With the deepening study and application on plant growth regulators in turf, the development of its application scope is from the low level of lawn maintenance to medium and high levels of lawn maintenance, such as Trinexapac has been successfully applied to the golf greens and fairways lawn.


In China, there is a number of golf course lawn without application of plant growth regulators. Some of the stadium has the plant growth regulators in warehouse, but it is just a decoration, and they do not have any practical application experience. While in some developed countries of Europe, golf course lawn is mostly in the use of plant growth regulators which plays a very important role in trim and conservation of the stadium.

Although the application of growth regulators can effectively inhibit the growth of aerial parts lawn, control the growth of turfgrass (heading), enhance the quality of turf and lawn resistance, reduce the number of lawn mowing, saving maintenance costs, and easy to do the turfgrass management in special situations, but if the dose grasp improper or irregular operation would cause irreversible damage to the lawn. Therefore, golf courses rarely attempt to use that in China.

An expert believe that plant growth regulator is suitable for applied on the season of vigorous growing of the lawn based on his years of trial experience, such as the best application season of cool-season grasses is spring and autumn, and the best application season of warm-season grasses is summer.

Expert also suggested that the stadium should be reasonable in the choice and use of growth regulators according to conservation and maintenance level of the lawn, follow the rule of “proper grass and drug”, and it can not be applied blindly on the lawn. For example, it can not be applied on new lawn, in order to avoid damage to seedlings, or affecting the formation of the lawn; the dose should be appropriate, too much is easy to produce toxic reactions, while too less is no effect; spray should be uniform to avoid leakage or re-applied spray; for the growth regulators mainly in leaves absorb, should avoid rainfall or irrigation within 24 hours after application so as not to affect the effect; must be reasonable for arrangements in the number of applications, and should not be applied continuously or repeatedly on the lawn; must be appropriately to do the trimming and other management after application. You should pay attention to safety and environmental protection after use, and do not pour the cleaning fluid of medicine barrel into the water and waters; drugs should store in a cool dry place and security agents, avoid eating by mistake. And the most important of all is that we must figure out the drug is acting on aboveground or underground part. If it is inhibiting the growth, you should reduce the number of trim after the effect appears. If it was applied for the first time, you’d better to do some experiments in the grass area at first in order to reduce the risk of use.

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