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Three characteristics of abamectin

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Abamectin is a kind of microbial fermentation product ofStreptomyces vermitilis or Streptomyces griseus, in which there is no live microorganisms existed, therefore, it does not belong to the microbial insecticide. It contains various insecticidal compositions, among which Bla has the strongest drug properties. Besides, the effective content of agentia is also calculated according to the Bla content.

Abamectin has below three characteristics. Firstly, abamectin insecticide can efficiently kill various pests which include Lepidoptera, dipteral, homoptera, coleopteran pests, spider mite and rust mites as well as kill various parasitic nematodes; secondly, it has different drug properties with other pesticides and is not easy to become drug-resistance; thirdly, it is safe. Its agentia that is sprayed on the surface of plants will resolve fast, therefore, it is safe for the natural enemy and will cause less pollution to the environment. Besides, it will not cause phyto toxicity even if using ten times of its agentia.

Shortcoming:Kill the pests slowly. After eating abamectin, pests will become sluggish, non-feeding and will not die until 2-4 days later, therefore, farmers often mistake that the pesticide effect is very poor; as its active compound is very toxic, the patent medicine is always composed with low effective ingredient content so as to reduce the toxicity level of agentia. However, we should still pay attention to the safety when using it.

Although abamectin is a kind of good medicine, it should not be abused. Currently it is still expensive, which is often used in preventing plutella xylostella, cabbage caterpillar, leaf miner, noctuid and spider mite in the vegetable field, preventing various mites, phyllocoptruta oleivora ashmead, phylloxera, mealybug, aphid and Lepidoptera pests in the fruit trees as well as preventing the pests that are difficult to control by other pesticides or have become resistant to the commonly used pesticides in other crops, such as two spotted spider mite and cotton bollworm. Try to use abamectin as little as possible when other pesticides are available, which can be regarded as protection for the environment.

In recent years, a series of lethane that contains abamectin has been developed, for example, it can be used with various pyrethroid, chlorpyrifos and so on, which often can speed up the death rate of pests; it can also improve contact action or other effects; meanwhile, it can delay the pests’ drug resistance effect, which deserves to be applied.

In addition, according to the development of pesticide variety, two similar drugs which are known as emamectin benzoate and methylamineavermectin have been confirmed that they have higher insecticidal activity as well as lower toxicity to human beings and livestock compared with abamectin, which has very good application prospect.


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