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Three green control measures for preventing solar greenhouse vegetable insect attack

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a. Agricultural control measures

a. Choose fine breeds that can be resistant to insect attack so as to strengthen plant quarantine as well as choose the international fine breeds that have strong stress resistance and disease resistance and can be suitable for local planting conditions.

b. Clear the fields in time before seedling and planting or after previous crop harvest. Besides, thoroughly clean residual branches and leaves as well as plant residues in time, uproot weeds and wipe out intermediate host of insect pests.

c. Coated seed should be used in the disinfection treatment of pest-free seedlings. Regarding the non-coated seeds, they should be soaked with drugs or lukewarm water before seeding, thus the nematode eggs that have sneaked into the seeds will be killed. In the facility where there is no insect attack, plug transparent method can be used in breeding strong seedling that has high quality and appropriate age.

abamectin on solar greenhouse vegetableb. Physical control measures

a. Trap and kill the pests with color palette. Hang one yellow board or one blue board taller than the top of plants every 15 square meters in the greenhouse. The yellow board can effectively kill and control white fly, aphid, liriomyza and other pests, while the blue board can trap and kill thrips, delia platura and other pests.

Prevent pests with fly net.

b. By installing 30 meshes of fly net in the ventilation opening of greenhouse, it can effectively prevent the invasion of aphid, whitefly, liriomyza, noctuid and other pests.

c. Kill pests in the closed greenhouse under high temperature. In the high temperature period in summer and autumn, deeply loosen the soil, rake the ground surface, fully water the soil, cover with the plastic mulch, close the greenhouse for 7-10 days in sunny days until the maximum temperature in the greenhouse reaches 50-70 degrees Celsius, thus it can effectively kill pests and pathogenic bacteria in the soil.

c. Biological control measures

Prevent all kinds of vegetable pests with Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.) preparations and control diamond back moth, liriomyza, whitefly and root-knot nematode with abamectin pesticide.

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