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Ways to cure crops poisoning caused by abamectin

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In the growth process of crops, insect attack will cause serious damage to crops. However, some farmers will use a large amount of abamectin insecticide on the crops as they do not fully understand the usage of abamectin, thus it will cause crops poisoning. Below are some ways to cure the crop poisoning.

Abamactin pesticide

Avermectins is a kind of new type insecticide that has high efficiency, low toxicity, high safety and broad spectrum, which will have very strong killing effect on animal nematodes, itch mites, ticks, lice and almost all kinds of external parasites. The poisoning animals will mainly have breathing inhibition and central nervous system inhibition (the overuse of abamectin may also cause the abortion of pregnant livestock) and will even die, which will cause huge economic loss of livestock farms, beside, the product will also suffer from unredressed injustice. If the poisoning phenomena happened, some measures that mentioned below can be used.

Animals that have been deeply poisoned can be injected with glucose, VC, VB1, adenosine triphosphate (ATP)/inosine and various electrolytes so as to increase nutrition and prevent dehydration.

If the medicine has not been taken for a long time, it can use emesis promoting, purgation, absorption and dieresis so as to reduce the absorption of drugs and accelerate the excretion. Therefore, when preventing the internal and external parasites by using this kind of pesticide, the instructions should be checked carefully, especially the product concentration should be paid attention to and strictly use it according to the recommended dose in case that it may cause poisoning.

using abamectinUsing artropine, nikethamide and camphor

Drug poisoning accidents will happen occasionally due to the careless use of medicine and the arbitrarily increasing of dosage. In order to prevent the infection of abamectin, some kinds of antibiotics can be used cooperatively. No matter in the pharmacologic action or in the practical application, by using abamectin according to the recommended dosage, it can absolutely achieve satisfied effect as well as will have no security risk. Therefore, reminds you when using abamectin, it should be used according to the instructions.

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